The Switch Project Sneak Peak

Well after a few months of natural disasters sweeping across our state team paddington managed to pull their fingers out and get the switch up and running.

Kicking it over for the first time brought a tear to my eye.  Not because it fired up for the first time in years but because the kicker recoiled into my shin.

The twin let out a growl and plateaued into what only could be described as rhythmic burble.  I was surprised how well it ran without any tuning whatsoever.   The clutch needs some adjustment, but other than that it's almost ready to get a Roadworthy certificate.  We'll need to add a couple of things for it to pass such as a front fender and a chain guard.

I've made a quick vid of the progress so far.  Movie making program on the mac is limted to say the least so don't expect and special effects such as the XS250 morphing into Eva Evangelista.  Hang on she's probably not that into bikes so maybe Pamela Anderson from the early 90's



LSG said…
hahaha thanks.
dirtyhabanero said…
I'm no enthusiast, just a guy looking for a motorbike, but what you did to that bike is like what Hugh Hefner did to the porn industry - made it sick!

Hope you find a good buyer.
LSG said…
dirtyhabanero, that's the funniest thing I've heard all week.

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