2011 Ducati Diavel

First time I've really had a look at this new model from Ducati.  Not really my style but the features on this are quite impressive and something that I haven't seen before on other bikes.

The muscular 1200 mothership from ducati looks like a Giger creation and makes the flagship monster look more like an anorexic care bear.  I thought the front end had taken similar design cues from the Buell 1125R.  Also reminded me a bit of the Harley Nightrod with the bulky front end.
Buell 1125R

A couple of standout tech features included the handsfree ignition, because using your hands to start the bike is just so much hassel.

Riding Modes which includes Sport, Touring or Urban.  10point for anyone who knows which mode Keith Urban would use the most (answer at the bottom)

Traction Control which handles the amount of wheel spin tollerance ranging from 1 (the sport orientated rider) to 8 (lazy ass)

Overall I think it would make a great tourer, can imaging cruising down the M1 in tour mode, pulling into the service station then loosing my handsfree ignition buzzer, only to realize that I'd put them in my jacket pocket instead of my jeans.  However I do think it has the looks only a mother could love, just think it's a bit too bulky.

Here are some cool videos though.

Ducati Diavel - Director's Cut from Bo Platt on Vimeo.

(answer: Touring Mode)


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