Welcome to Where's My Wingman

I'd like to welcome aboard Where's my wingman as our one and only site sponsor for Lane Splitter.  It's actually just a project that I've been working on that has just gone live in BETA version.

In short it's a system that allows you to join up as a pilot and create missions for you and your friends to embark on.  You can also use it if you're are stranger to a city and want to hit the town with a qualified wingman.

Key features are:

  • The more missions you succeed in the higher the ranks you will climb
  • Compete with friends on the pilot ranks
  • Earn your different Wings as your rank changes.
  • Find a wingman in any city in any country and recruit them on missions you create.
  • Get tips and strategies on becoming the ultimate wingman.
  • Never fly solo again.

Here's a sneak peak

The Cockpit - Gives you an overview of your progress

Search for a Wingman in any country / state / city and recruit them

Your Current / Future / Past Missions

Sign up is Free at the moment and so is access to the confidential Training Material.

Have fun and feel free to make suggestions whether good or bad.

Over and Out


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