What to get a mad keen motorcyclist for Christmas?

Stuck for Ideas?  Well I've been thinking about things that I would buy myself for christmas and most of these things are motorcycle related.

So here are my top 5 motorcycle related gifts for christmas.  Obviously you could apply this to birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc.

5.  DVD Harbortown Bobber - Great Motorcycle docco about building a custom triumph.

4.  The House of Simple Pleasures - Nice book to sit on your coffee table while eating the christmas left overs for the 10th time.

3.  DVD On any Sunday - Another great Motorcycle flick from 1971 featuring some of the top riders of the time.  And some great Hill Climbing and Flat Track racing.

2.  Biltwell Flaked Helmet - I love these things and even though they're not street legal here in OZ they'll look good hanging off your bikes handlebars for those happy snaps.

1.  Air Compressor - During building the Switch this garage tool was nominated for tool of the month more times than me so it rightly deserves to be part of the list.  Not only can you use it to spray paint but almost another other thing you can imagine.


Anonymous said…
Another idea.. Every mad keen motorcyclist needs a pair of dragon jeans. ;)

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