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My new Lane Splitter T

Finally arrived after about 17 business days.  It'll be my holiday shirt!

New Sporty 48 for 2010

Harley Davidson have released 9 new models for the 2011 lineup.  Following last years 883 Iron, there are a couple of Sporties that have been brought in to entice the younger rider into the Harley Brand. They've realised that the only way for them to grow as a brand is to create a product that fits in with todays motorcycle scene.  The Bobber and custom scene is gaining momentum here in Australia, and I think what they wanted to bring to the table was a motorcycle that could fit in without a large price tag that most customs attract.  Something is a base that can be modified if need be, as that's where Harley makes a lot of it's revenue. The one that caught my eye was the the Sportster Forty-Eight XL1200.  The Iron 883 was the first piece of harley media that I saw that didn't have some old biker dude cruising down the highway.  In the same vein the Forty-Eight has similar marketing. Check out their their new Ad .

What to get a mad keen motorcyclist for Christmas?

Stuck for Ideas?  Well I've been thinking about things that I would buy myself for christmas and most of these things are motorcycle related. So here are my top 5 motorcycle related gifts for christmas.  Obviously you could apply this to birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc. 5.  DVD Harbortown Bobber - Great Motorcycle docco about building a custom triumph. 4.   The House of Simple Pleasures - Nice book to sit on your coffee table while eating the christmas left overs for the 10th time. 3.   DVD On any Sunday - Another great Motorcycle flick from 1971 featuring some of the top riders of the time.  And some great Hill Climbing and Flat Track racing. 2.   Biltwell Flaked Helmet - I love these things and even though they're not street legal here in OZ they'll look good hanging off your bikes handlebars for those happy snaps. 1.  Air Compressor - During building the Switch this garage tool was nominated for tool of the month more times than me so it ri

Cleveland Cycle Werks

After reading an interview of on HFL , about a motorcycle company in Cleveland that decided to start manufacturing budget motorcycles in China and then sell them in America it got me intrigued to see what type of bike you could get for a small budget. After browsing their website  their bikes looked quite impressive and from what I've read from the previous interview the quality of the build should be high also. Something like the Heist for around the $3500 mark definitely begs the question about the old saying  "you pay for what you get".   Well from the looks of things to come from this lateral thinking company, it may not be necessarily the case. The Heist (picture taken from the Cleveland Cycle Werks website)