The Harbortown Bobber

On a lot of motorcycle forums there is always the question about which motorcycle movie is the best.  Well I've seen a quite a few of them and the one that I rate as my all time favourite is "On Any Sunday".

However I've yet to watch the independently made The Harbortown Bobber and from what I've read it sounds like it could creep into my top 10 as a raw, cut to the chase documentary based around the building of Scott DiLalla's '69 bobber.

From the Harbortown Promo

From the directors of the award-winning motorcycle movies "Choppertown: the Sinners" and "Brittown" comes a new motorcycle fabrication documentary. See more at:

Two years in the making, The Harbortown Bobber follows the ground-up build of Scott DiLalla's '69 bobber as various back yard masters put their hands on it creating a unique custom motorcycle and telling their own personal stories as they work.

Featuring: Irish Rich (Sinner Nomad), Earl Kane (Earl's Bikes), J-Bird (Japanese Jay), Jonathan Smith, Todd's Cycles, U.S. Customs, Dennis Goodson, and music from The Lords of Altamont."

Think this will be next on the ebay shopping list.

Peace out.

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