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Battery Cage

Yep that's right it's what the label says but without the chickens, although I just ate a whole roasted chicken for dinner and am now contemplating laying an egg. Since we decided to move the electrics under the seat we needed to also relocate the battery to under the seat to clear up the frame triangle.  It gives the bike better Feng Shui and also stops potential muggers from hiding behind the bike since you can now see through to the other side. We used google sketchup for the first time to draft up the box and once we were happy we printed out the drawing and traced it onto a sheet of Ally and proceded to cut and fold. Here is a shot in sketchup and the final result painted in Epoxy black. The Battery Cage turned out pretty well considering you probably couldn't even keep a chicken in there anyway.

Putting on a coat

So we got around to spraying some coats of paint onto the Frame/swingarm/forks and a number of other items.  We put about 4-5 coats of paint on, starting with a light tack coat then onto the final wet coats. Used a 1.4 Gravity Fed gun with a 2.5HP compressor. It turned out nice and shiny.

Frame Strip

So we managed to strip the frame and swingarm off the original paint removing any rust. We used paint stripper and after that a wire brush attachment on the grinder, and a smaller brush on the drill to get into the "tight playces, small playces, rusty playces" said in a Ronalado Castrol Oil accent. Now ready for paint!

Beautiful custom bonnie

I stumbled across LC Fabrications website and this modified TT Triumph instantly caught my eye.  Based on an 06 Bonneville which was picked up for a mere $300.00 from an auction. Owner builder Jeremy Cupp turned this into something special.  Reading the website he based his concept around a 1900'ish cafe racer.   I really like the 2 into 1 pipes and the small rear cowl and of course the paint job. The attention to detail is amazing from the leather work, to the copper leaf on the tank. Also the wiring harness that he created was the first one for a modern day Triumph chopper. Awesome work!


Just found a link to some different looking moto boots made by French company Hunt .  Seems like all the ones you get at the moment are either track inspired or Blundstone wannabees. Besides the new Puma Boots I think these look cool.  They have almost a snowboard boot feel You can check out their range here


So we've spent a lot of time on the seat getting it smooth and true. Started out with some sanding, then some filler, then some more sanding, then some more filler, repeat x 20.  It has been the most time consuming component of the build thus far.  But we're pretty happy with the final result. First lot of shaping   The final seat with the glassed seat pan