After spending some time thinking about the seat design and construction we decided that it'd be cool if we could utilise the existing seat pan.  For one it would be the perfect shape and secondly we could utilise the current fittings so if we needed to get to the under seat area we could flip it up.

Once that was decided it was time to make a fibreglass mould of the seat pan.  We glassed the base seat pan where it met with the tank so we could keep the snug fit, but for the tail we would shape this ourselves and then glass over that.

We put 3 layers of glass down and it turned out super strong.  Definitely strong enough for a big boned person to use.

Once that was dried we shaped up the tail section ready for fibreglass.  It took a while to get the lines proportions correct, since we were keeping the bracket underneath the seat.  This space will allow us to store the battery and a few other electrical items

Still high from the fibreglass... peace out


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